Calendar On The Way

As 5775 is looming on the horizon, The Jewish Calendar by the Grand Choral Synagogue of SPB is out now and making its way to over 20,000 St. Petersburg Jewish families. еврейский календарь 5775This colorful edition with a panoramic view cover is dedicated to the city buildings somehow linked to the life and history of the local Jewish diaspora.

The calendar tells you which St. Petersburg building used to accommodate the Jewish orphanage or school, or The Hall of Charity. It actually shows you the face of the city from a different angle and in a different light, making it look a bit more Jewish.

All pictures in the Calendar have been digitally processed to make them look older and more «historical». Some of them really are, like all those original postcards, old portraits, and even this authentic Jewish charity diner food stamp listing «specials of the day» at Ligovski 61, such as fish, meat or сereal.

This year's making of the Calendar has become the real Editor's nightmare: just three days prior to printing, the Government came up with the final decision to bring back the Winter time, which wasn't around in about three years. This year, clocks are going to be moved one hour back.

The whole prayer timing schedule had to be completely re-written in a way to adjust the winter time.

Hundreds of St. Petersburg Jewish families have supported the Calendar by their donations, ads and classifieds published on the pages of this year's edition.

By Dima Sharov

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