Pomogu – I will help!

pomogu proektThe St. Petersburg Grand Choral Synagogue introduces a new online charity project: pomogu.jeps.ru

www.pomogu.jeps.ru is a brand new charity project by the St. Petersburg Jewish Community and Grand Choral Synagogue (pomogu in Russian means: I will help). Now anyone willing to give a hand to those in need, is enabled to do that without even leaving his or her cosy room.

Donations are accepted from smartphones, credit cards, Yandex Money, Qiwi Wallets and other online cash transfer services.

Pages of the new website will always be full of true stories.

Here is a Jewish family with children but with no means of survival. This old lady is in urgent need of insulin for her diabetes. And this much is the electricity bill of the Synagogue itself.

Visitors will see all the most demanding individuals, families or projects needing immediate help.

All featured projects have their own real time counters indicating how much exactly is already collected and how much is still due to make it happen.

This new website is expected to become a powerful instrument of the St. Petersburg Jewish Community Charity Program, called "Rahamim".

"Don't be shy to donate too little", says Mikhail Hidekel, one of the project sponsors, "be shy not to donate at all!"

"Many in Russia think they should only do things for charity when they already have everything money can buy in their possession", continues Mikhail Hidekel, however, Jewish tzedaka is not about thousands and millions. We're sure even your 100 roubles will always be of help and make someone happy".

The new online service also refreshes the idea that help can be both material and practical. Multiple projects featured on the website require volunteers capable of donating their effort, time and experience to those who'd need and really appreciate that.

Above all, the website also provides the standard application form for those who need help and wish to register. An applicant is prompted for describing the problem and desired form of assistance.

All applications will be quickly processed.

By Dima Sharov

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