Postponed Due To Shabat

Mr. David Rosenson, CEO at the Charity Foundation Avihai, established in 1984, was born in St. Petersburg. Mr. Rosenson's private fund is known to be striving for david rozensonsupporting judaism and traditional Jewish values.

On February 5th, the Assembly of the Global Club of St. Peterburgers has recognized Mr. David Rosenson as a member of the Club. There was a ceremony at the St. Petersburg Hermitage attended by City Governor, Presidents of universities, and other influential individuals.

But there was one stunning thing about that ceremony, that would make any Jewish heart beat faster.

"I was totally speechless", confessed Mr. Rosenson in his facebook, and here's why.

The Club assembly was intially scheduled for a Friday late afeternoon, e.g, right on Shabat. Mr. Rosenson, as an orthodox Jew, wouldn't have been able to attend the ceremony. Therefore, representatives of the Charity Foundation Avihai have submitted their letter of gratitude having expressed their regrets on the occasion.

However a week later, the Foundation people received a touching letter from the Club pointing out the fact that the Ceremony has been re-scheduled for one day earlier with respect to the Jewish tradition.

The Jewish Community of St. Petersburg is inspired and touched by this act of kindness, sencityvity and delicacy of the Global Club Of St. Peterburgers.

By Dima Sharov

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