The Discovery of Alter Rebe

In 1798, Alter Rebbe was jailed at the St. Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress. In 2014, the complete story of Alter Rebbe, including all questioning protocols, orders and letters by the authorities, has been published as dedication to Kislev 19th.

istoriya xabada Alter RebeEvery Kislev 19th, Alter Rebbe’s grandchild, Nohum, was in a habit of telling everyone the glorious story of Rebbe arrest and release. As they read "Megilat Esther" for Purim, everyone should mandatory hear the whole thing, without missing a single word. If ever someone happened to be late for "Megilat Alter Rebbe", Nohum would patiently get back to the very beginning and start his narration all over.

Once faithful hasids offered him to get the story recorded. However, the Rebbe just wasn't eager to do that. "Stories like that should be kept in hearts, not in books or papers", he said.

Times have been changing ever since. What's not recorded seems to be lost for good.

In December 2014, first time in history, here it is, the whole story in a single book, all under the single cover. The book's headline is "Megilat Alter Rebbe". The word "Megilat" can be interpreted as "Discovery". So "The Discovery of Alter Rebbe" is now all yours to go for!

The book was entirely compiled by Mr. Ifrah Abramov, a St. Petersburg rabbi. He spent two years of his life on library research and translations.

The book comprises various correspondence of City Authorities, messages of governors addressed to the Russian Tzar, and what's most important of all, Alter Rebbe’s answers at multiple questionings, his in-depth kabbalistic comments illustrating his approaches to the various issues of life.

Both Alter Rebbe’s questioning protocols, dated 1798 and 1800, are included into this edition.

The book has been printed in 500 copies, sponsored by the author, Mr. Ifrah Abramov.

By Dima Sharov

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