миква спбOur Synagogue owns and maintains a modern full-service mikvah, which meets all standards for health and ritual purity. The mikvah is located in the synagogue complex at the following address:
2, Lermontovsky Avenue. How to get to the Synagogue

Using our Mikvah

Simply call by  phone  +7921.978.44.64 or by e-mail: tour@jeps.ru and we will be happy to accommodate your schedule. Appointments to use the mikvah need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. The mikvah has full bathing facilities. Visitors are provided with all the necessary toiletries, which includes cotton balls, nail files, nail polish remover, shampoo, soap, a toothbrush and a towel. A fee of $ 10 per visit is charged to cover mikvah expenses.

миква спб

In 2005 a new mikvah was built to replace an old and decrepit one that had been constructed as early as in the Soviet period. The new mikvah’s original design was created by Israeli architector Mordehai Gorelik. The two-storey mikvah, with its two sections (men’s and women’s), meets all the requirements of Jewish law and modern comfort. The mikvah construction was chiefly funded by members of the Safra's family, who had donated more than 1 mln dollars for the reconstruction and renovation of the Synagogue. Generous contributions were also made by various community members. On April 19, 2005 the new mikvah was officially inaugurated. This event was celebrated in the Grand Choral Synagogue. Chief Rabbi Menachem Mendel Pewzner in his address noted that “it is providential that this significant event in our community's life is taking place on the eve of the birthday of Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, who attached particular importance to mikvah.


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